Hi, I am Paige Mikkoulainen.

Born and raised in Quebec Canada for 24 years. Moved to Saskatchewan in April of 2013 to the small town of Nipawin, where I am currently based with my two children and husband. I met my best friend, Jaime, in 2020. Words can not express how grateful I am to have met such a beautiful soul. She is that once-in-a-lifetime friend, that one could only ever wish for. I brought her into the company the year and month of my 10th year in business anniversary. She has been an amazing student and become an even better photographer.

I have always had a passion for photography. My family would constantly find me out in the woods photographing nature when I was young. My passion really came to light once I had my daughter. Having newborn photos done, I knew at that moment, I knew I was going to turn my passion into a business.

I specialize in posed Newborn photography, but I do anything from bumps to families and everything in between. My studio is located in Nipawin. I have created a cozy place for parents to sit back and relax while I start creating beautiful art with their babies. I have hundreds of props, wraps, blankets, bling, and more to make each session stunning and unique.

When choosing a newborn photographer it is extremely important that look for someone with patience, passion, knowledge, and tons of experience. Safety is the priority. I have the proper education to be sure that your baby is safely and comfortably posed to get those beautiful images. Over the years, I have photographed hundreds of newborns and counting. I am friendly, and fun and listen to what my client’s needs/wants are prior to the session. I love what I do, but most of all I love the feeling I give to the parents when they receive their final product.

Hi, I'm Jaime Hurdis.

I am originally from Vancouver Island, but relocated to Nipawin with my daughter Hadley 4 years ago. I met Paige in 2020 and we quickly became inseperable, I've never been more thankful for one human being. She's taught me to go after what I'm passionate about, which has become photography.

Being able to create a flexible schedule to allow me more time with my daughter was so important, so I quit my 9-5 and here I am. My love for photography is new but strong nonetheless, the longer the camera is in my hands, the more passionate I become. Capturing memorable moments for families is so incredibly rewarding.

I'm looking forward to being able to grow and learn within this career path.



“If you are looking for a fun, energetic, down to earth, up for almost anything photographer...Paige is it!!! So very professional yet willing to go beyond to get the perfect shot. We do more off the wall family photoshoots and she never disappoints with our visions.
Highly recommend!!!!”